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the European Training Foundation


A team of ICE correspondents work closely with the ETF’s communications unit, providing comprehensive writing, translating and editing services plus input to the editorial board. Over the past ten years, this has included:

  • writing the annual ETF review Highlights, a glossy overview of some of the ETF’s high profile activities over the past year
  • covering conferences, workshops and other events in Europe and beyond
  • writing and translating newsletters and magazines
  • editing major reports written by non-native speakers of English
  • safeguarding the linguistic quality of ETF publications
  • writing and editing text for the website
  • translating selected documents into French, German, Italian, Arabic and Russian
  • writing a chronicle of ten years of the work of the ETF.

the European Commission’s Directorate General of Education and Culture

For the EU Tempus programme, ICE correspondents have in the past:

  • helped to develop and launch a comprehensive media strategy to raise the profile of the programme
  • produced three annual reports on the whole programme
  • developed thematic and geographical information sheets for the programme
  • drafted proceedings of conferences in Bosnia and Slovenia
  • written two country guides for project managers working with Armenia and Moldova
  • researched and written Tempus @ 10, a review of the impact of ten years of academic collaboration between the EU and central and eastern Europe
  • researched and written Bringing out the best in education, a review of EU support to quality assurance in higher education in surrounding countries.

the Swedish Institute
www.si.se, www.studyin.sweden.se

ICE worked with the Swedish Institute throughout its long and very successful campaign to attract more foreign students to Sweden. We helped to structure the studyin.sweden.se website and provided much of the content. We also wrote slogans and other promotional texts used in this campaign.

University World News

ICE writers are providing the latest news on higher education in several countries for the new online global newsletter.

the International Labour Organisation

One of ICE’s most high profile jobs for the Training Centre of the ILO was the work our gender expert did rewriting and editing the international Gender Mainstreaming Toolkit. Our translators later produced the French and Spanish versions.

the International Education Board of Ireland

ICE researched and wrote a study on what motivates Norwegian students to choose a particular country when they study abroad.

the International Union for the Conservation of Nature

ICE worked for the IUCN’s media team during the IUCN’s 2008 World Conservation Congress, producing web stories and podcasts on conservation issues.

KSI Publishing

For Danish company KSI publishing, ICE handled the commissioning, editing, writing and proofreading of the content for Study Abroad, the Scandinavian magazine on international education. This work began with the launch of the magazinein 1998and continued until 2004.

Hobsons Publishing UK

ICE has advised Hobsons’ clients (companies and universities) on graduate and foreign student recruitment and produced both editorial and advertorial texts for the publisher’s global range of study guides.

the United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute

For UNICRI, we have edited and translated various documents on crime prevention and criminal justice.

the International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications

ICE wrote and produced the newsletter for this UK-based charity of the International Council of Scientific Unions from 1992 until 2003.

the 15th International Conference on Liquified Natural Gas

ICE has written a series of newsletters leading up to the event in as well as assisting the media team during the event in 2007.

the International Association of Dredging Companies

ICE has produced conference reports at a series of conferences and workshops in London.

the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research 

For the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research we produced the conference proceedings of the 2005 Berlin conference Lernende Regionen on the implementation of the ministry’s strategy for lifelong learning.


ICE edited Prospex’s new website.



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